Start Cast members of dating in the dark

Cast members of dating in the dark

A lesser-known X-Men character, Ink's powers are derived from the tattoos across his body.

We don't yet know how X-Men: Dark Phoenix is going to adapt the character, who in the comics went on to become Charles Xavier's long-standing lover!

The beloved blue elf has always been popular with X-Men fans, and Apocalypse introduced us to a delightful new version of the hero in the form of Kodi Smit-Mc Phee.

Fans are divided over this character arc, but the simple fact is that Jennifer Lawrence remains a key Hollywood player and there's no way that Fox will give her a small part.

Confirmed as the villain of the film, Jessica Chastain is playing the part of Lilandra.

More recently, Omega Underground caught a since-deleted photo by one of the stuntmen, which identified Sage as Dazzler among head shots of confirmed cast members.

This rumor looks pretty solid.(Source: Omega Underground)James Mc Avoy may hate having his head shaved for the part, but he's still agreed to roll up as Charles Xavier once again.

The film is now shooting in Montreal, Canada, and naturally we're gradually learning more and more about who's going to appear, so without further ado, here is the confirmed (and rumored) cast of X-Men: Dark Phoenix...