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Cassie scerbo dating history

So he grabs his best buddy Baz (Simmons), the tough-girl barmaid Nova (Scerbo) and a local drunk (Heard) and they charge to the rescue.

If a scene was emotional, I’d hug whoever I was about to act with, or place my hand on their heart before action was called.

That initial physicality helps me to mentally dive in.

When Amber dies, in order to get into Heaven, she must help Lisa, the least popular girl in school, become Prom Queen.

I’d say the finale scene was the most challenging part of filming. On off-days we got to explore, eat at delicious restaurants and enjoy Birmingham together. Do you have any Halloween traditions you can share with the fans? I don’t have any specific Halloween tradition, just to get dressed up and have an absolute blast!

The rest of the film is his journey of self discovery to find and help the little girl.

[Where to stream After their father was killed by a vampire-like sea animal, Donna (Scerbo) and her brother Owen (Brandon Beemer) partner with a marine biologist in order to kill all of the remaining creatures before they can attack again.

Just then, a freak hurricane arrives from Mexico carrying water-spouts packed with sharks that are dropped into the city streets.