Start Casey and derek dating

Casey and derek dating

They had both been a little nervous, not just because they were stepsiblings—which some people would deem as incredibly weird—but because Sam and Casey dated back in Grade 10, and it's completely against the Bro Code to date a buddy's ex.

Sam had become somewhat of a ladies' man in his short time at Queen's, and Derek and Casey were finally starting to get used to his revolving-door dating. Casey and Derek seemed to live in relative peace, to the point that Nora and George left them alone during the semester.

It was always a little sad for Casey when some of them left—she had been especially fond of Keira, Lily, Emma, Ellie, and Meg. " He grabbed for Casey's hand and started to drag her towards Sam's car."Hey, wait a second, Paige didn't say anything," Casey protested as Derek led her."I'll eat anything if it gets my window up and some food in my stomach," Paige answered icily. I don't want to be seen there.""Fine," Casey huffed, stomping towards Sam's car. AGAIN." She opened the door and sat down."Aww, don't be sad, Case," Derek said, sliding into the car next to her. You love their salads." He kissed her on the cheek. Little did they know that it was actually Casey and Derek who balanced each other, that after a ridiculously-charged game of poker a week before university started, they had finally shared that one kiss that they had both been aching for for ages.

Meanwhile, this is an open chance for Derek to throw a party.