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The question of the effect of sample numbers on the calibration of the ADCP will be investigated.

This includes annual water quality and turbidity cruises through the entire San Francisco Bay system on the RV Polaris together with the Menlo Park USGS office scientists and researchers from Stanford University; to date Andrew has participated in 6 RV Polaris cruises.

A paper has been submitted to Marine Geology (2012) and a presentation given at PECS-2012 (New York, USA).

Andrew is the Project Manager and Principal Investigator at HR Wallingford. Variability in cohesive sediment settling fluxes: observations under different estuarine tidal conditions.

Andy is a Lecturer in Coastal & Shelf Physical Oceanography, and has been lecturing and supervising dissertation projects at both undergraduate (BSc Ocean Science and BSc Ocean Exploration) and postgraduate (MSc Applied Marine Science and MSc Hydrography) levels since 2001.

Andy is currently leading three modules and teaches many practical aspects of his modules from onboard research vessels.

HR Wallingford press release was picked up by 'Dredging Today' (see link): Grenoble research institute collaborations, France (2011 - ongoing) Andrew was awarded a Visiting Research Fellowship by the Uni. This provides Andrew the opportunity to visit the UJF as guests of the French research group LTHE(Laboratoire d'étude des Transferts en Hydrologie et Environment) and IRD (L'Institut de recherche pour le développement).

Andrew and LTHE are currently collaborating with the LEGI (Laboratoire des Ecoulements Géophysiques et Industriels, Grenoble) hydraulics laboratories, where they are conducting laboratory simulation experiments on various sediments types from watershed environments in France (e.g.

Visiting Professorial Appointment (2013 - ongoing) On 1st June 2013 Andy was appointed a Visiting Professor specialising in ‘Sediment Dynamical Processes’ by the University of Hull (Department of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences in the Faculty of Science & Engineering).