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Or maybe it is just growing up and realizing that sometimes it was a blessing in disguise that things ended up the way they did.

I checked with him after he gave it to her and yep, he did good!

Being friends with an ex is tricky, usually has to be explained to a number of people and the line can be blurred from time to time.

The X factor is interesting because while I can bag on Bubba, no one else is allowed to or at least past a certain point. When I made the decision to break up with the boy I called Bubba, in tears and defensive.

But that was a piece of cake compared to having to explain to the boy that not only did I have guy friends but I also had an ex that was a friend. One, they are very different types of guys and two, Bubba would have preferred to go without beer for a month instead of dealing with the guy who taunted him about his choice in women.

He leaves it to the last minute, no thoughts on what he should get for his family and this year was the same.

I also helped him determine what he should get for his girlfriend.

But overall, if you have spent several years in a relationship with this person, a friendship can be salvaged from it.