Start Bristol palin dating black man

Bristol palin dating black man

I made it partway through the second episode and wished I had those 30 minutes back.

Bristol earned her highest scores of the season for her moxie-filled paso doble Monday night, which she performed in a black sparkly jumpsuit and sheer black tights, her hair cascading down her shoulders in sexy tousled curls.

The abstinence advocate even dropped her coy I'm-a-country-girl refrain -- one of her childhood friends told ABC that she always skulked against the wall during school dances -- to slam her Hollywood counterparts and deny that she had come so far because of GOP backing.

Though Bristol confessed that while growing up she was the golden child, that all changed when she "started dating Levi." "Our little world kind of stopped spinning the day that Bristol came to us and told us she was pregnant," mom Sarah said during the show.

Along with the picture, Palin wrote, "looks exactly like her daddy!

Palin is also the mother to 7-year-old Tripp, whose father is her ex Levi Johnston.

Johnston just won joint custody of their son last week."Every child deserves two loving parents," she wrote on Instagram last week.

What I wanted to see what a sign, any sign at all that Bristol cared about what happened to them. While I give her credit for not being on her cellphone while they are passing these folks, her disinterest in them is obvious.