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Brazilian dating norms

5- Brazilians pay attention to etiquette and protocol; American are more casual and laid back Etiquette in Brazil is extremely important and it denotes status and class.

After working for a large American corporation for almost ten years I have observed an array of differences between Brazilians and Americans when it comes to work.

In the end, there is no right or wrong but there are things that simply won’t work in one country whereas it’s the norm in another.

In America, group work tends to be divided amongst the team members.

The higher the occupation the more dressed up the person will be.

3- Corporate Brazil is more hierarchical than the U. There is a level of separation that is simply a part of the culture.

Higher level executives don’t usually blend in with lower level employees and it’s still very common for employees to address executives as Mr. Higher level executives can also be called “doutor” or doctor even though they are not real doctors or don’t have a Ph D.

4- Group work in Brazil involves everyone while in America the work is split Working in group for Brazilians means working together from beginning to end. No one makes any decisions without checking with the group.