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Blood type compatibility dating

The vast majority of blood types fall into one of the major ABO groups.

Blood types A and AB are given the quieter traits of gentle and caring, or cool and rational.

Blood type O is said to be more sociable and agreeable, whereas type B is wild and cheerful. Naturally, since the assumption that your blood group affects your personality and, therefore, how you gel with others, your A, B, AB, or O grouping might be important when dating.

If you are in a relationship with an O negative and cannot be completely honest, don’t even get started.

O negatives know when they are being lied to and don’t take it lightly.

Suicide much less, but murder is also high amongst people with blood type O.

When it comes to being immune to diseases, blood type O tops most lists.

This notion has been so well taken up in Japan that schools, businesses, and sports teams are reported to have considered it for teaching materials, job applications, selection of team players, and they even produce food and drinks for specific blood groups.

Asian student Eugenia Chiang writes about her own experience at home where talk of blood type and personality has been commonplace among her family.

But knowing one’s blood type is like doing your homework.

It may better prepare you when you meet a stranger or give some reasoning for the behavior of someone, which you may find hard to understand.” — Chieko Ichkawa | com Once you find your perfect match, what then?

Regardless of their age, women with blood type O were found to have a greater risk of “diminished ovarian reserve,” but Chair of the British Fertility Society at the time of the study said it needed “further exploration.” Like any horoscope — for your stars or your blood type — there are those who believe and those who don’t.