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2017 model clearance, low finance rates, and a great supply....

The 2017 Forester will continue to be popular due its practical, tall greenhouse cabin with easy to see out of rear windows, reasonable price, and 0% financing but its dated audio technology (ie no Android Auto, Apple Carplay, no active rear view steering lines, original small blind spot symbols) will hinder sales for some people, especially buyers who care about technology and are shopping other brands.

And some buyers will take a look at the slightly larger Outback with all its new features and decide that's the way to go.

Crosstrek got the same upgrades as the Outback and sales are 12,823, up 45% over 8/2016. We're already seeing some late model, almost new Outbacks and Crosstreks traded in for the new 18s.

It makes sense if you like the new features and want to keep the car long term.

September totals Outback 16,330, a drop of 648 cars (-4%) under 16978 cars 9/16 Forester 13,262 cars, a steep drop of 2621 cars (-17%) under 15,882 cars 9/16 Crosstrek 12,491 car, a whopping increase of 4,230 cars ( 51%) over 8,261 9/16 Impreza 6,324 cars, up 1538 cars ( 32%) over 4,786 cars 9/16 Legacy 3,902 cars, down 2,125 cars (-35%) under 6,027 cars 9/16 BRZ 301 cars, 1 car over 300 cars sold 9/16 sales YTD 2017 vs 2016 Outback 140,491, up 14,065 cars over 126,4 Forester 132,030 up 1378 cars over 130,6 Crosstrek 76,814, up 8004 cars over 68,8 Impreza 64,589, up 19,519 cars over 45,0 Legacy 37,461, down 9935 cars under 47,3 WRX, STI 24,156, down 1015 cars under 25,1 BRZ 3,307, down 55 cars under 3,3 9/9/17 Estimated arrival dates for new or upgraded models 2019 Forester- all new, October 2018 2019 WRX, STI...

no timeline, all very hush-hush but sometime in 2018 2019 Ascent 7/8 passenger- all new model May/June 2018 Plug-in hybrid, all new, no details yet, November 2018 9/5/17 August sales Subarus best month ever. August 2017 sets a new record with 63,215 cars August YTD 423,728, which is 31759 cars (8%) over YTD 2016 391,969 August 2017 sales The clear volume leader is Outback with 20,327 cars, mostly due to the audio and safety upgrades (Android Auto, Apple Carplay, improved blind spot detection symbols etc).

Also the The 2017 Outback has a strong 0% finance rate for 48 months in June (increased to 60/63 months for July, announced on 7/1) which is helping sales as many people wait for the 2018 with its big upgrades including LED steering responsive headlights, more visible blind spot detection symbols moved to the mirror housing (from the mirror itself), and of course the Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

The big gainer %-wise is the Impreza as more people find out about the new model, and the initial major audio concerns are dealt with, with a 57% increase over June 2016 sales.

YTD is 304,810, an increase of 24,352 cars ( 9.1%) over 279,4.

Subaru is also announcing rates on 2018 models even before the cars arrive.

The 18 Crosstreks are just starting to arrive and are a giant upgrade- smoother and quieter, better blind spot detection, and of course the new audio systems are a game changer and are selling as fast as they arrive.