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It is a very complex agreement that allows trading pollution credits.

Aboard was a couple who would take the names Charlie and Maggie Lewis and who were recorded on the 1880 census as African-born. ET: 'The Impression' with Larry David and Bernie Sanders Tuesday Oct. ET: 'Unfamiliar Kin' with Fred Armisen, Carly Simon and Christopher Walken Tuesday Oct. ET: 'Puritans and Pioneers' with Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen and William H.

She claimed to be the offspring of the king of Spain and a Moroccan slave.

Researchers traveled to Cuba to search out Catholic church records unavailable online and found 'an amazing family tree,' Gates said, one different than expected.

In the promo for the show Schumer says to Gates: 'I've always wanted to do this,' while Walken says: 'I'm a little nervous to tell you the truth.'The show, which shares their ancestry and family stories as uncovered by impressive research and science, will begin airing Tuesday.