Start Auto shopping dating and marriage

Auto shopping dating and marriage

It was these thoughts that stopped full-time mother Alison Kennedy, 41, from High Heaton in Newcastle, walking out on her marriage after discovering her husband Alan, 50, had cheated on her with her best friend.

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Being an Army wife was hard, especially as a new mum, and Neil didn’t really get it. ‘I will occasionally check his Facebook or sneak a peek at his mobile, but I’m getting there.

If this marriage is going to work, I have to trust him and let it go.’Could this mean that more couples are opting to stay together following episodes of infidelity?

‘We talked about how we felt about each other, our marriage, our lives, things that bugged each other, everything.

And all the time Alan was so remorseful, putting the cheating down to a momentary stupid lapse.’‘Making love to Alan was difficult that first time, knowing what he’d done, but I wanted us to move on,’ says Alison.

‘To me, he wasn’t my husband anymore.’Despite his indiscretion, Neil refused to give up on his marriage.