Start Asp net gridview rowupdating e newvalues

Asp net gridview rowupdating e newvalues

Net1.1 's Datagrid call the Item Command of Mastergrid.

By default when the Grid View controls goes in edit mode, it displays Text Boxes for entering values.

You can not attach validation controls directly to these Text Boxes.

But the childgrid will not be bind to any data source if you don't bind it to in Row Command event. When you press Update Command it will call Row Command with Command Argument as "Update".

And after it will call the Row Updating event of the Child Grid.

We will bind C1Combo Box in each row using the Row Data Bound event of C1Grid View.

Selected Value property is set to make the C1Combo Box show the value for that particular row from datasource.

Here you will find that you have to handle every command manually for the child grid because you are continuously changing binding of child grid.