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Are erin and max dating

In the following days, Silver found Dixon at a party and caused a ruckus, offended that he appeared to have moved on quite easily.

Though Dixon was left confused, the two later reconciled at school.

However, Dixon's discomfort with Silver's detachment led him to break up with her soon afterwards.

Dixon found Silver leading the two to reveal and compare their troubled histories.

In the process, Dixon described what his life had been like before meeting the Wilsons.

During her early high school years, Silver developed a more reserved, somewhat irreverent side offset by a warmer nature hidden within.

Like David and Kelly before her, Silver enrolled at West Beverly High, eventually gaining school-wide notoriety due to The Vicious Circle, a popular video blog in which she reports on the lives of those around her often by inserting digitized photos into animated shorts.

She then sought brief refuge at Kelly's house, but learned that it would be unavailable for the evening.

As a result, she took to sleeping in a car outside of the Wilson's' home after spending a night out with them.

This led to the beginning of Silver and Annie's friendship.

Meanwhile, Silver had been staying in a women's shelter in order to avoid a regularly drunken Jackie, eventually being turned away in favor of those in greater need.

Silver followed Dixon home while frantically explaining her actions and stressing her love, but Dixon went inside after a brief argument.