Start Are andy samberg and rashida jones dating

Are andy samberg and rashida jones dating

The show’s the closest thing we’ve ever gotten to a live-action “Simpsons” (Golden Age writers like Mike Scully worked on ‘Parks’ too), with Pawnee growing ever stranger and bigger with each passing season, and more and more characters appearing to embellish the ranks over time, each one as memorably strange and hilarious as Comic Book Guy, Gil, Bumblebee Man et al.

" • "Stan's New BFF" • "Stan Sleep Talks" • "Stan Gets Married" • "Guess Who Becomes President?

If you don’t already know this, I hate to break it to you: “Parks and Recreation” is coming to an end.

Already having his favorite day of the year ruined, things go much worse when Ron is winged by a bullet, which Leslie ends up taking responsibility for.

We will miss them and the warm smushy feeling they’ve given us week in and week out immensely, but when it gets to be too much, good to know we can go back to the well anytime, most probably starting with one of these ten episodes.

But it’s really a Leslie and Ron episode, and the way that his anger turns into grudging respect as he realizes that she’s been covering for someone else is one of the first great demonstrations of the big beating heart of the show.

Plus you get some killer Poehler improv as she throws off the suspicions of a park ranger by playing into his condescending stereotyping of women, and the first flourishings of the show’s best love story, between Aubrey Plaza‘s April and Chris Pratt‘s Andy.

The show was about to evolve: Schneider would leave two episodes later, and in the very next one, Rob Lowe and Adam Scott joined the cast, helping the show reach its perfect form.