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I saw she looked surprised at the way I was dressed, but I was at home and I was not going to change my routine.

She asked about my sex life as a divorcée, and I said I had no complaints: I saw a man occasionally – I shivered when I thought about her son and mine as my sex buddies, but obviously I did not mention them – and otherwise I had no problem in satisfying myself.

In a low voice not to be heard by the boys, she said: “Jackie, toys don’t help me, I do need a man, that’s why I am not happy these days!

When he got home, he was always feeling tired, jet legged, and did not have much interest on her.

She confessed she always had a strong sex drive, but she had given up and was feeling tense and frustrated.

She is very tall, slender, small boobs that look firm, and an elegant waist in harmony with her bust and hips.

Her blonde hair matched her pretty green eyes and expressive face.

She is a well-known lawyer from a traditional firm downtown, and I was sure she was a conservative person.