Start Anal cyber sex chat

Anal cyber sex chat

As there is no physical contact during cyber sex (also called 'virtual sex' or 'online sex') there is no risk of HIV or sexually transmitted infections to either partner.

This makes it easier for HIV to get into the bloodstream.

If you masturbate your partner, there is a risk that any viruses or bacteria on your hands could be passed to your partner.

Similarly, any viruses or bacteria on their genitals or in their semen might be passed on to you.

If you agree to meet up for sex, personal safety should be your main concern.

The NHS Lothian ROAM website has some helpful information on personal safety, especially if you meet somewhere public for sex.

Some ways to reduce the risks from oral sex include: Online chatrooms, dating websites and now smartphone applications such as Grindr are a popular and instant way to connect with other men for chat, friendship or sex.

Although there's no risk of HIV or sexually transmitted infections online or on your phone, there are other personal risks from cruising for sex on your phone and dating websites on the internet.

This could be highly embarrassing and could impact on your job and your other relationships.