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Alun jenkins dating

So she is filled with inside knowledge gleened over 29 years on the inner workings of the male mind and hopefully we shall have another success story on our hands.

We have only had good feed back about Paula, indeed she was recommended to us by one of our members who in her mid 40's is now firmly ensconced on a fine country estate with a gentleman to die for - she was his first and only date with us. SAMMY THE WARDROBE,/ STYLE / PERSONAL SHOPPER Again clients speak highly about her service.

She will meet with you in London or Brighton and will help you select dating oufits to suit you, with the emphasis being on stylish, trendy and sexy.

If we were the very worst service in the UK and 95% of our members thought we were the biggest con they had ever encountered, then also by the law of averages at least 3% of our clients would think we were brilliant – so how much useful information would you have gained by us bragging about the 3%.

So in most cases to publish this information even if the testimonial was true, could still present a misleading or dishonest representation of a service.

"LANA the makeup", was trained by a top French company and is now retained as a makeup consultant to the top retail outlet in the UK.

Lara will teach you how to choose colours and the appropriate make up to suit you. Paula set out at the age of 50 to get herself happily married.

Flirting is about empowering you to make positive things happen, certainly not attracting life's losers which includes mean, arrogant, weak, mummies boys, possessive or men lacking in commitment.

Flirting is about attracting the right quality of man (intelligent strong honest and caring) initially to make contact with you, date you, then for you to make a WOW impression on your first date so you can develop a closely bonded relationship.

(without makeup training at £525) Or you may share with a same sex friend, at plus £200.

trainer Alun and Lana ** NOTE: attracting the wrong type of people is NOT flirting.

You choose your budget and Sammy will accompany you to the best places, You usually have time to select two or three dating outfits, one work outfit, appropriate bra's underwear and accessories for the outfits.