Start Altiris pxe configuration utility updating

Altiris pxe configuration utility updating

In part 2 of our Manage the Dell BIOS Remotely series, we cover BIOS inventories and look at the GUI version of CCTK.

Altiris' products focus on deploying, cloning, configuring, updating, and migrating software on PCs.

However, Altiris' products seem to lack strong network management features, such as hardware and software inventory, software monitoring, and help-desk support.

Any Windows Update or software that you deploy will already be installed before the user even arrives at work.

Finally, configuring your computers to automatically power on before the day starts will cut down on your workload.

Being able to remotely power on a lab, building or even a single remote computer is a huge time saver!

Configuring boot options means only allowing approved devices to be booted from.

As a warning, y0ur users will forget how to turn on their computers… You will want to download the Dell Client Configuration Toolkit (CCTK) for Windows.