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(TXF: "Fallen Angel") She also learned that halfway to a miracle was imagining it.

She was incredibly scared and her heart was beating, although she was extremely excited - not because of the cigarette, which she found "gross", but because she wasn’t supposed to take it and because she was aware that her parents would be extremely angered if they discovered that she had.

(TXF: "Beyond the Sea", "One Breath", "Gethsemane") Dana Scully was born on February 23, 1964.

(TXF: "Lazarus", "One Breath") She was raised as Catholic, even though one of her favorite movies was The Exorcist.

When Dana was thirteen, her father was stationed in San Diego.

While listening to the single 'Don't Look Any Further' her mother came to her and told her that her Sunday School Teacher (who had called her 'Scout' as a nickname) had been murdered in his front yard.

Given the fact that Scully has no motive to lie, however, it seems likely that she is telling the truth.

On several occasions, Dana's father made her and one or more of her siblings take the family Christmas tree down on the day immediately after Christmas.

She went to school there with Richard Johansen, son of Commander Christopher Johansen.