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Affinityonlinedating com

If you feel you have an affinity with someone, you can send a first message for free.

So – no more unpleasant surprises when that cute guy or sexy girl turns out to be just another pretty face with no brains to match yours.

We will also give you tailored tips and advice on what characteristics your personality type should be looking out for in a potential dating partner.

The next step will be to fill in your profile and add a few photos, giving you the chance to introduce yourself to other members.

The system will, however, try and pick out some of best matches for you and point them out, but as it also comes as just a long list of names with just ages, occupations and a few details attached, it’s a little bit hard for someone to stand out and catch your eye.

You do have to do at least some of the work yourself in finding the right person for you and can’t just rely on the system alone.

There are around one hundred questions covering 71 different psychological criteria from fundamental values to views on family life.

As an added bonus, all members also get a comprehensive personality report.

The questions are pretty interesting and easy to complete so you don’t have to worry about racking your brains too much.