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When a woman is called to see the chaplain, automatically women will drift to her, and walk with her as far as they are allowed, because they know she is going to be told of the death of a loved one.

Obtain information about local governments, public services offered, and community resources and events.

Learn about the demographics which make up the state and see population figures.

Find out about gender and ethnic backgrounds of Mississippians who are private business owners in the state.

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about her experience at the Danbury, Connecticut federal prison camp, I was excited.

I served part of my 15-year sentence with her and I found the book an accurate snapshot of Danbury FPC.

The series doesn’t show how a male gynecologist was so rough giving pelvic exams to women who had not been sexually active in years that women refused PAP smears because of the pain he inflicted.

The series doesn’t show how in 2013, despite the BOP’s “mission” of keeping people in prison within 500 miles from their homes, the BOP decided to shut down the only federal correctional institution for women in the northeast to convert it to a male prison.

(Full disclosure: I am “Esposito” in Piper’s book.) When I learned that there would be a Netflix series based on , I couldn’t wait to watch it.