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My answer would be no, as long as he/she can do the job.

I think that when we do this kind of theory-of-mind/empathy work, we are engaging the child and we are assisting the child in forming relationships.

Another example would be a little child with ASD who needs to learn to advocate for him/herself (I am talking about verbal kids today who are higher-functioning). We need to engage that child in figuring out who to ask for help and how to solve the problem for himself.

We can acknowledge the problem then ask him, “What should we do now? Too often an adult sees the problem (broken pencil) and jumps in to solve the problem (magically a new pencil appears for the kid) so the child is never engaged in self-advocacy that is commensurate with his age and we never give him/her a chance to build or show any ability.

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23-Nov-2017 20:07