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“Practice” reviews may imply that board members will ask predetermined questions or that the board of review is anticipated to be other than a positive experience.

In situations where—before a board is held—one or more members are of an opinion the Scout should be rejected, they should discuss their reasoning with the unit leader or others who know the Scout.

Generally, a unit leader is closer to the youth; he or she may be able to present a different perspective and prevent an uncomfortable or unfair scenario.

For further specifications, see "Particulars for Tenderfoot Through Life Ranks,", and "Particulars for the Eagle Scout Rank,"

Unit leaders and assistants shall not serve on a board of review for a Scout in their own unit.

However, if parents or guardians still insist on being present, they must be permitted to attend as observers.

For Scouts with special needs, see additional information under topic "Advancement for Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts With Special Needs,"

Regardless of unit, district, or council expectations or rules, boards of review shall not reject candidates solely for reasons related to uniforming or attire, as long as they are dressed to the above description.