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“Communication Journey: Aphasia” can easily be adapted for use by people with different types of aphasia and a range of cognitive levels and degrees of severity.

The progressive system offers a variety of topics for everyday needs and conversation and provides immediate and more successful communication exchanges within a variety of settings.

my Quick Chat is available for children in 4, 8 and 12 locations and adults in 8 and 12 locations, each with an identical 16 location Support Master Home Page.

Specialized features include variable “rate of speech” and “pause between words”.

Grid size and vocabulary are easily customized to reflect and support the life experiences of the person with aphasia.

There are symbols on every button with the exception of several core words.

Spelling is a QWERTY keyboard page set with four word prediction buttons and a few pre-stored phrases.

Select from over 30 button actions when creating new buttons.

Over 10,000 Symbolstix symbols are included for customizing buttons.

The pages were created to facilitate participation in daily activities and to promote social links.

Aphasia, a disorder caused by damage to the parts of the brain where language is stored, may affect the ability to comprehend language, to express oneself, to read, or to spell and write.

My Quick Chat is an introductory communication system geared toward individuals with complex communication needs.