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Adam gentry dating erika

Ulrich, Lawrence Paul, born 30 June 1961, died 22 November 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina Our Remembrance My love, my soul, my breath, my life. I take with me your giving heart, your endless smile and the 24 short years of pure selfless love you gave me. I never met him but was saddened to hear that he committed suicide. Aaron, Kevin Don, born 10 April 1986, died 17 April 2004 in Oklahoma, USAOur Remembrance We miss you every single day. Author Unknown Weber, Chad E., born , died 06 December 2013 in Devils Lake, North Dakota Our Remembrance We knew you were tortured and that you thought you were alone, but you weren't. You will be an uncle again as I'm sure you know. We love You and You will forever live on in our hearts.

We love and miss you beyond words, our precious angel. Richie would give the shirt off his back to anyone he saw walking down the street who he thought may need it.

He was the ambassador and peacekeeper to family and friends. We know you\'re in Heaven now and we can\'t wait to see you again!

She gave so much of herself to others, always loving, supporting, and laughing along the way. Lucky are we Bowman, Klara, born 30 March 1983, died 06 June 2016 in Tacoma, Washington Our Remembrance Klara Shams Einerson Bowman Just weeks after proclaiming her assurance of Jesus Christ as her Savior, God's plans for Klara's life on earth ended, June 6, 2016. Hayward, Mike, born 27 October 1971, died 07 February 2014 in Sunapee, New Hampshire Our Remembrance RIP Mike.