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The online tool is updated when new data become available for each indicator.

A summary of responses to the Health Profiles user survey 2017 has been uploaded to the FAQ section.

The following indicators have been added to the online tool: The 2017 pdf Health Profiles have been released.

Data in the online tool are grouped into five domains in the same way as presented on the spine chart on page 4 of the pdf report: These domains are also displayed together in a single list under the heading ‘All spine chart indicators’.

See the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section for help with using the online tool.

Health Profiles are Official Statistics, future releases are published on the Statistics Release Calendar.

Official Statistics are produced impartially and free from political influence, further information on types of statstics can be found at https://

These can be accessed via the Find your Health Profile section or via the Download section of the Health Profiles online tool.