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Son un grupo de mulleres -veciñas e non veciñas, socias ou non, mozas ou maiores- que acometen conxuntamente proxectos nos que traballan ao longo do ano.

Trust me you are opening Pandoras Box....careful what you wish for Probably what Pookie already said, but I think there's a high risk that if you start a physical relationship with someone you like, you'll end up with feelings for them..then things might start to overlap and you'll possibly break up your marriage anyway, with lots of hurt feelings all round.

But yeah, I've got a friend who managed it for a while.

Sempre quixeches participar nestes proxectos pero non vías o momento? En resumo: todos os luns até o 4 de marzo, estarán as Aghullas no Bar Rey a partir das 20h para resolver as vosas dúbidas e achegas.

Alguns escritores e algumas escritoras, pela imensa capacidade de “dar vida” às palavras e alcançar os(as) leitores(as) de forma mais intensa, de forma mais apaixonante, conquistam públicos de todas as gerações, em diferentes lugares, de diferentes classes, de todos os gêneros.

Yep there sure are..lying and cheating is not the answer either........renegotiating the marriage contract...being honest, up front and communicating is the way to go, level the playing field and inform the partners of what your doing.they too can play outside the sand box if they wish (even if they arent physically capable.least give them the dignity and respect to say this is what your doing so they can reciprocate, ...whats good for the goose.bla bla) ..

....if the marriage isnt working for you then leave or put up........sneak...anyone thats ever been cheated on will tell you its not the physcial act thats devastating.the lies that go with if you lie about this act, you will lie about other issues....where is the line in the sand drawn and the next question to ask is...would you like it done to you ?

Humans are a sexual being and always will be despite the church trying to teach us different.